We are a new indie game development group with a current focus on retro-styled 2D games and a passion for design, building games that are fun, innovative and original, and having a good time doing so.


3DVbOQ2AThomas Wiltshire

Co-Founder, programmer.

Thomas is the main programmer of Piquant Interactive. He controls most aspects of game design, including graphics and level design, as well as implementing changes to balance and new features.







10408994_344337352432318_6785665972523550183_nToby Lowe

Co-Founder, Music and Sound, Game Balance.

Toby creates the audio for all of Piquant Interactive’s projects, including all music and sound effects. He joined the team just prior to our first BaconGameJam as director of music, but also assists the team in playtesting and balance changes, and often updates Piquant’s social media sites.







Bryce Dunn

Co-Founder, Technical Shizzle Wizzle.

Bryce takes care of all technical aspects of the team, especially in the IT sector. He manages the servers and website and provides IT support.

Bryce joined the team as a game programmer at first but soon to his current role.







Tyronne Crisfield

Co-Founder, (To be decided).

Tyronne works closely with Thomas and the team primarily on story design and the game design documents, in addition to playtesting. He also assists the team with updating Piquant’s social media sites.