Zombie Game (Pre-Alpha 0.1.3) now Released!

We’re back baby!

Sorry for the short hiatus over the past couple months, we took a short break over Christmas and New Years. We eventually thought we wouldn’t be able to get away with not doing anything for much longer, so here is the first update for the year!

In this update, 0.1.3, we build upon our previous changes so there are a lot of “Under the Hood” tweaks and some new gameplay features. The most notable new feature is, zombies now leave a blood splatter upon their gruesome death, we’ve also fixed the fullscreen option, added a new resolution option, and also your hard earned high scores are now saved locally!

We’ve updated the game to the latest version of Löve2D and overhauled the game’s option menu. We’ve managed to squish a few of the bugs that were plaguing the menus and the gameplay and made an adjustment or two to add some clarity.

Stay tuned for the next update, as there’s more things to come! And, as always, if you find any bugs at all with the current build, as simple as it may be, report them here. It is better to catch even the smallest of bugs as soon as possible. We rely greatly on the communities feedback, suggestions and reports of bugs.



  • Overhauled option menu. Details below…
  • Added “Advanced Options” menu.
  • Added screen resolution options.
  • Added ability to adjust in game volume levels. (Master, Music and SFX.)
  • Added option to auto hide or always show “Mini HUD”.


  • High scores are now saved locally.
  • Shield powerup now has a visual timer.
  • Clarified effects of “?” powerup.

Aesthetics and Sound:

  • Fixed fullscreen.
  • Adjusted audio for buttons.
  • Menu arrow positions now reset.
  • Added transparency to trees in Arcade mode.
  • Zombies explode in a splatter of blood upon death.

Code and Miscellaneous :

  • Updated game to latest version of Löve2D. (0.10.0)
  • Fixed weapon/item spawning issues.
  • Fixed random lag spikes. (Experienced by some users.)
  • Other various bug fixes.

Known Bugs:

  • Text sometimes displayed weirdly. (We’re working on this.)


OSX: Download

Windows 32-Bit: Download

Windows 64-Bit: Download

ZombieGame.love: Download, You’ll need to install the love framework as well.