Zombie Game (Pre-Alpha 0.1.2) now Released!

Introducing our newest update!

Following on with changes from 0.1.1, we’ve added new power-ups to what is now called Arcade mode. (We decided it fitted the arcade theme better than what we originally planned for Endless.)

In addition, we’ve tuned existing power-ups and made a lot of clarity changes in terms of visuals and audio, namely in the form of our new in-game UI. New power-ups include extra lives, and mystery power-ups that have a chance of creating negative and positive effects alike.

Both Arcade and Stuck In The Mud (SITM) have received entirely new scoring systems! SITM now derives a players score based on their accuracy (Sorry, spammers and macro users) and assigns a grade from A+ to N/A. The changes to Arcade’s scoring system are generally under-the-hood improvements, so let us know what it’s like in comparison to the previous version!

Stay tuned for the next update, as there’s more things to come! And, as always, if you find any bugs at all with the current build, as simple as it may be, report them here. It is better to catch even the smallest of bugs as soon as possible. We rely greatly on the communities feedback, suggestions and reports of bugs.



  • Changed button hitboxes to alleviate clicking issues.


  • “Endless” mode is now called “Arcade” mode, and vice versa.
  • Added a grading system in SITM that works off accuracy. (“score” is now your kills * accuracy)
  • New scoring system for Arcade.
  • Changed Shield to Wave 5 onwards.
  • Shield now lasts for a full 10 seconds.
  • Shield can be used at the same time as other power-ups.
  • Wave length now increases with each wave.
  • Power-ups now spawn based on score.
  • Power-ups can now spawn more than once in a wave.
  • Added “1up” power-up – gives you an extra life.
  • Added a mysterious new power-up, marked with a question mark.
  • Continue screen now appears if you have an extra life.
  • A shotgun now replaces the pistol as the default weapon past wave 10.

Aesthetics and Sound:

  • New UI! The HUD in-game is now a lot clearer and easier to understand. Details below…
  • Health now displays under the player when you are hit, disappears as you heal.
  • New power-up display: Power-up details are now displayed more clearly.
  • Health flashes during healing.
  • Increasing health with a power-up permanently adds extra health points and a secondary health bar.
  • New look to game over screen for SITM .
  • New music for SITM and Continue screen.

Code and Misc:

  • Cleaned up code.
  • Fixed power-up spawning issue.
  • Fullscreen is still a work in progress.


OSX: Mirror 1Mirror 2

Windows 32-Bit: Mirror 1Mirror 2

Windows 64-Bit: Mirror 1Mirror 2

ZombieGame.love: Mirror 1Mirror 2 , You’ll need to install the love framework as well.

Bugs, suggestions, and feedback. – Just post for us!