Zombie Game (Pre-Alpha 0.1.1) now Released!

Introducing the Powerups Update! This is one of our largest updates yet, adding a variety of powerups to “Endless” mode!

This is our first major update to the game since its inception, bringing real variety to Endless mode and making it a more fun game overall.

In addition to the new powerups, we’ve added various visual features, namely fullscreen mode (Currently in a very buggy state – Scaling is a pain right now.) and the ability to use your mouse in game menus.

As for the powerups added, there are a total of 4 new powerups included in the game with more to come:
Velocity – Speed boost. Self explanatory.
Vitality – Makes you not die as quickly. (More Health)
Invulnerability – Ever used a star in Mario? Like that, but less cheerful music and colours, and more zombie killing action, as opposed to koopa troopers and the like. (Grants you a shield which kills zombies on impact)
Nuke – Also self explanatory. (Kills everything on screen.)

Stay tuned for the next update, as there’s more things to come! And, as always, if you find any bugs at all with the current build, as simple as it may be, report them here. It is better to catch even the smallest of bugs as soon as possible. We rely greatly on the communities feedback, suggestions and reports of bugs.



  • Added back arrow to options menu
  • Added second page to options
  • Added change log to options
  • Added controls to options
  • Added fullscreen to options
  • Added new in-game cursor
  • Added “More games” to options
  • Added mouse support for menu
  • Buttons slowly flash in menus if they are selected
  • Buttons get slightly larger if they are selected
  • “Press start button” text in gamemode welcome screens is now flashing
  • Fixed credits spelling mistakes
  • Added Bryce to credits – “Technical Shizzle Wizzle”
  • Changed “Piquant Team” to Team Piquant in credits
  • Recentered credits

Aesthetics and Sound:

  • Changed placeholder screenshot position in arcade and survival
  • Changed font of FPS and MUTE
  • Updated Bg.png
  • Changed FPS and mute text color, font and position


  • Fixed crashing bug when enemy touches you in stuckmode
  • Added “Color Goes Here” easter egg
  • Added Digging Sim 2015 easter egg (hint – press F to dig)
  • Added new powerups – invincibility, vitality, velocity and nuke
  • Changed spawnrate of minigun
  • Changed spawnrate of smg
  • Changed game over zombie behaviour

Code and Misc:

  • Screen scaling for draw items in menus
  • Added fullscreen support in areas (still in progress, currently slightly broken)
  • Cleaned up variables, neated code and commented new code


OSX: Download

Windows 32-Bit: Download

Windows 64-Bit: Download

ZombieGame.love: Download, You’ll need to install the love framework as well.

Bugs, suggestions, and feedback. – Just post for us!